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We’re Creating a Brighter World

Freewill is for-choice and is created with the principle and feeling that we should enable one-another to live freely and to wisely contribute to our shared reality

Our Mission: Ensure our loved ones have enough currency and opportunity to live well with freewill


Here’s how we’re enabling one-another to live well with freewill

We are creating a world where labouring is optional, by selling some of our provisions for power. Power is created from equal empowering payments to all creators and may be traded for these provisions.

We are creating the trading value of power by trading provisions for it, thus increasing the value of one-another’s equal empowering payments and enabling one-another to live more freely in the process.

When all creators are able to live well, solely with the equal empowering payments we’re co-creating, then we will all be freely empowered to live well and to share and sell our labour and provisions with absolute freewill.

We’re enabling and inspiring one-another to freely share and sell labour and provisions because we truly want to, for positive reasons such as a healthy desire to explore, to gain experience, to create, to share, to gain credibility and access, to co-create projects we want to bring to life, to create a better life for ourselves and others, and even to gain more power, without financial coercion, enabling one-another to live well with freewill.

Here’s how we gain and use our power

We gain 1000 power when we create our account

We gain 1000 power every Sunday

We gain more power by selling labour and provisions
We use our power to purchase labour and provisions

Here’s how we’re growing and to gaining more credibility

We gain experience, competency and confidence in the ways we most want to by sharing abilities

We can welcome reviews for any of our abilities and provisions, to improve and gain credibility


We're living and creating our future with clearer choices

We empower one-another by trading with power, a currency which is created and distributed equally to all creators as a guaranteed income of 1000 power each Sunday

We create a free way of living by sharing freely and enabling others to share freely as well

We sense what percentage of provisions we’ve each shared freely or sold for power

We sense connected provisions which enables us to make more conscious choices

We share and secure provisions to realise projects and sense which projects we each support

We sense our alignments with one-another and navigate together with clear peer view groups

We're creating an organised global network

We hilight provisions that matter to us, to identify them easier

We connect provisions to other provisions, to enable more intelligent choices

We review and vote for provisions, to enable wiser choices and to sense our alignments