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Freewill enables us to live and trade more freely

Freewill is for-choice and is created with the principle and feeling that we should enable one-another to live freely and to wisely contribute to our shared reality

We're living and creating our future with clearer choices

We empower one-another by trading with power, a currency which is created and distributed equally to all creators as a guaranteed income of 105 power each Sunday

We create a free way of living by sharing freely and enabling others to share freely as well

We sense what percentage of provisions we’ve each shared freely or sold for power

We sense connected provisions which enables us to make more conscious choices

We share and secure provisions to realise projects and sense which projects we each support

We sense our alignments with one-another and navigate together with clear peer view groups

Gain 1,000 power when creating an account

We're creating an organised global network

We hilight provisions that matter to us, to identify them easier

We connect provisions to other provisions, to enable more intelligent choices

We review and vote for provisions, to enable wiser choices and to sense our alignments

Gain 1,000 power when creating an account